Bespoke Digital Manufacturing

With our digital cutting service we can create bold & intricate pieces for one off products, large runs or for branding & special gifts.

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You can choose to customise or personalise one of our existing products or get in touch so we can work on creating that extra special gift together.

How We Work With You

The process starts with a chat so get in touch and let's get started...

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Art & Design


We can Digitally Cut & Laser

With our CO2 laser machines we provide a high quality laser service where we can cut, engrave and etch items up to 650 x 450mm.

Our Digital cutting machine allows us to cut and create with additional materials that are not deemed laser safe. We can also cut thinner materials without risk of them getting burnt or damaged by the powerful laser.

Take a look at the list of materials and what we can do with each material. To provide the best finish and output we usually use materials sourced from our trusted suppliers (see list below). Although we are open to using your materials we need to ensure they are safe to use with the laser if that is the technique we are using. 

Trusted Suppliers

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