At YACreates we aim to delight and inspire through adornment, creativity, education and fun. We also aim to provide a bespoke personal service to help bring your brand to life and to make your special occasions that extra bit special.

yacreates story

YACreates is a UK based jewellery, accessories and gifts brand by British born Nigerian, Yejide Adeoye. 

A life changing trip to South Africa in 2007, was the catalyst to Yejide’s creative journey. During the trip Yejide visited many bead stores and  picked up the techniques and skills to start  making her own jewellery. Like a kid in a candy store, Yejide  was fascinated by the wide variety of colours, shapes, textures and sizes, and  picked up an assortment of beads to bring back home. 

On returning to the UK,  Yejide continued making beaded jewellery for friends and family. She discovered her flair for creating unique one-off pieces and started selling at events and markets such as the Backyard market, Brick Lane.

In 2009 Yejide created an Angel design following one of many tragic losses that embodied her belief in Angels as divine guardians and protectors. With the launch of the Angels came regular requests to customise the pieces for christenings and other occasions leading to Yejide  purchasing a laser machine.

YACreates  combines laser technology and crafting skills to create a range of accessories, gifts, jewellery, homeware and puzzles.

YACreates founder

Yejide Adeoye


The things that make YACreates special


We love to explore how we can help bring new ideas and concepts to life.​


Great design and creativity excites us and is at the heart of all our work.


We openly and regularly communicate with our customers.


We are happy to collaborate with other businesses to create new products.

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