Happy new month and Black History Month!. 

First of all I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who turned up to our studio during Birmingham Open Studios weekend.

Not only was it our first time taking part in the event, it is also an historical moment for us as we opened up our new space for the first time to the wonderful people of Birmingham!

Friends and soon to be friends were able to step into our creative world for the first time and see a lot of what we have to offer.

It has been a long year of researching, searching, negotiating, planning, prepping, moving, setting up and finally opening up the new doors to our phase 1 space. Phase 2 is still a work in progress but almost there!

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting us ready for the event.

I wanted to also say a big thank you to those supporting us from afar, due to train strikes and other commitments. You were missed but I look forward to seeing you in our new space in the future!

So YACreates 2.0 is officially dead, long live YACreates 3.0!

Have a great month!


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