Blingtastic Clay

The other day I had an enquiry about a possible mother’s day present, which I knew had to have an element of bling to it. The easy option was to buy a pendant and add it to the byzantine chain maille bracelet I had weaved, but I didn’t really want to take that route. I had been hearing about crystal clay for a little while but wrongly assumed it required a kiln to enable me to create something, like art clay silver, copper clay etc –  those who know me well will know my kiln is super tiny, although capable of making some great pieces it is not suitable for all clay types. So whilst browsing late at night trying to find a solution I saw some crystal clay on the Cooksongold website. I then ventured further to watch the video on the item page  – which was ok but heightened my curiosity and so I went on Youtube to view more videos  – thereafter I was sold on the idea and was at Cookson Gold’s Hatton Garden trade counter first thing the next day. Having made my purchase I waited patiently for the right time to sit down and get to work – 2 hours or so later, I created the gold heart pendant and the following weekend I recycled an old piece of a bracelet and created the purple pendant. So that is the story of me entering the world of bling – the possibilities are endless and I look forward to sharing more sparkly goodies with you soon. x   Ps I do not receive any benefits from mentioning or linking to Cookson Gold, but I do love the service very much lol
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